Thursday, January 13, 2005

[ p a e d o p h i l e ]

I confess.
I'm obsessed with these kids at Tumble Tots. I've taken over Julie's hobby of paedophiling. (note: the correct meaning of paedophile is person who is sexually attracted to children, but i'm not sexually attracted ok? just a figure of speech =)) I love them! They're sooooo adorable! It's really want to pinch their cheeks all day, carry them up and out of Tumble Tots and bringing them home to show them off! ahahah...ok maybe I'm being figurative here but you get what i mean...or you will...when you see these pics...haha drool away! (oh erm...don't drool in that manner la k? they're kids....waaaaay too young).

This is Raphael. He's almost 2 i think. Mum looks like a Brazilian to me. Potential Ronaldo probably..=)

These are the twins! Rebecca and Nicole. They're sooo cute! Also within the Walking to 2 age group. Mum looks Eurasian too. Nicole's the more outgoing one, more trusting. Rebecca's a shy girl.

This is Ainsley. She's from the elder age group. She's 3 and a half. She's full of whys!!

And my very own personal favourite: Aidan. Isn't he just adorable!??! Everybody go awwwwwww.... =) He's almost 2 as well, learning to talk. Mum's also some European. I love him coz he's always giving in to other kids, never picks a fight, very trusting, not clingy to the mother, independent, and he's just plain CUTE.

sigh...after Aidan's class, i usually have a 10% drop in my enthusiasm towards the next consecutive class. I'll start msising Aidan. cute la! If any of you ppl decide to marry orang putihs next time, please please please have children!!! And then invite me to his/her 1st birthday ok?

Oh guess what?! Fitness First called me! I'm going for an interview in Wisma John Hancock next Monday. Yay for me! =) I hope i get the job....I'll miss my Tumble Tots but I've got a dream waiting to be fulfilled...=)

Tomorrow I'm going to Genting with my SAM classmates. And then on Sunday morning I'll be having Genting Trailblazer. Wish me luck! Hope I don't injure myself any further, or I'm really gonna have to start believing in Feng Shui.

I had my last training for it today. Jogged 3 rounds around the lake. Came home, removed my shoes and saw a patch of blood on my sock. My toe's bleeding. But don't pain....=) Okla...that's all for tonight...go look at the babies again! =)

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