Tuesday, March 22, 2005

[ an answered prayer ]

"Mr palaya is absent today"

hahah...that was the most melodious sentence i've heard all week! ahhaha class cancelled...LAW class cancelled! woohoo~!

hehe...they were selling Girodano stuff at cheap prices in Metro just now. That's one thing cool about college life. They've got all these promotional stuff that happens. haha very tempted to buy some, but i held back. No good spending so much money. haha...

they also had this Nike Ladies Night Out thing at Zouk KL this sat. Everything's free, including drinks. so without much thinking, i just registered for it. I highly doubt my mum will allow it though. But IF she allows, then this is the opportunity i've been waiting for! ahha yes, i, Karen Siah, 18 years and10 months have not been clubbing before. And my ticket allows 2 entries so..woohoo~! Ju...dun turn your back on me now...=)

and one more thing. I met Ng Yi Wen today. She's in my Law Tutorial. not exactly 'met' met her, since by 'meeting' you actually greet and all. I just saw her and thought she really looked like Yi Wen. Then when class was cancelled i saw her registering for the Zouk thingy as well. So i saw her name. Ng yi wen. haha still didn't say hi n all since i think she doesn't remember me no more...=)

anyway, finally got the kerajinan to upload all the pics into Shutterfly. So enjoy! ::Perth::

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