Sunday, February 03, 2008

last one before Perth

Hello hello...yes i've been a blog slug lately, no updates, no news whatsoever. Nothing much has been happening i suppose.

I just finished working at YouthMalaysia. Felt kinda sad to leave actually because the people are extremely nice. And everyone's just so relaxed and laid back (post event la) it's pretty enjoyable working there. No formal attire. No rigid lunch breaks. I felt bad for the complains i had been spewing out. But in all honesty, the complains were aimed at the people i dealt with during the event, not my colleagues. My colleagues were lovely. :) But i'm not an office 9-5 kinda worker. I'd much prefer a hands-on, out in the field kind of job. Something exciting every single day. So i bade farewell with hopes to find more exciting jobs come this March.

I have gotten my confirmation letter from Auckland University. When this happens suddenly it seems all the more confirmed that I am going. And that changes everything from now on. It's not so much leaving home to be on my own, because trust me I was yearning for that for quite some time now. It's more the burden i'd lay on my parents due to the exorbitant tuition fees. It's crazy! that much for just an education! Owell...Irvin and Ben were helping me out that day, telling me what the average student rent is, describing to me how life is in Auckland, sharing a bit a Auckland gossip. :) Sher Mayne and Irvin had both offered to hunt down a few places for me to pick. It's all going so well...all i need is a scholarship!

I went for the KL Towerthon today with my dad and Dennis. It was actually helluva lot easier this time compared to the last couple of times i did it. I took the steps two at a time for most stretches. Felt like i was conserving too much, coz the race ended and i still have not given my all. Dennis did pretty good for his first time. he felt he could've done better too. Dad says the same. Suddenly KL Tower doesnt seem so tall now. :) I met Cheah, from my first batch of OB participants under my watch. He's going for Standard Course!! i'm so jealous...

that's it for my incoherent rambles. i'm going to Singapore this afternoon. On Tuesday i'll be flying off to Perth from Singapore's Low Budget airport. And I'll be back on the 21st of February. So this should last u till then.

just a random picture from joey's birthday dinner.

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