Sunday, January 13, 2008

she works!

yup...u see the little ad box on the right panel of this blog? u see the event its currently displaying? Youth'08? yeahhh...i'm one of the many behind that now.

i recently got a job. At The owner's Joel Neoh, who's a friend of my brother. Quite an impressive biography, you should check his site out. :) anyway, for those of you who've been receiving event invites on facebook from me, sorry about that. All part of abusing the word-of-mouth(WOM) method of advertising.

So what have i been doing? everything from proofreading, copywriting, folding flyers to calling up models and local celebrities. quite a vast and varied jobscope, but i must say i'm not really complaining. well, except for the fact that i have to turn up at work a little later today...a sunday! but yea, i can't really complain because i'm actually doing something i can relate to - events.

anyway, if you must know, the event sounds really HUGE to me. And i must say i reckon it'd be cool. so yea, do yourselves a favour, click on any of the links in this post, or click on the ad box, and give me a ring when u're there. if you're lucky, i might give you Adam C's number. *wink*

p.s.: only a week to GE30k! shit...


neeza said...

yeah, i've read about it in the papers... its kinda new isnt it?

galnexdor said...'ll be 1 this saturday...:)

and hello u! havent seen u i a bit...:)