Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Eastern Pacesetters 30K

When Saturday night came, I knew i'd be doomed for the sunday morning 30km race. I have never felt less confident about a race before. Training was majorly insufficient and i don't even train much to begin with. I was battling fatigue and stress from work. Sleep was a rare luxury a few nights leading up to Sunday. And i was pretty darn sure i'd be crying in pain even before the 20km mark. Needless to say, despite the calm, cheery facade i put on my face, i was in fear of this race.

So i decided that i would just take it easy. like 7 minutes/km kind of easy. I started of extremely slow, even though i was TTM (tak tau malu) enough to start in front. I swallowed my pride and allowed what seemed like every single person to run in front of me. I kept a slow pace, tried to suck in the cooling morning breeze and willed myself to remain calm.

The first 10 kms, i clocked 1 hour 12 minutes i think. 'So much for beating my personal record' i thought. But then i realised i didn't exactly feel that tired. Strangely enough, i was getting more and more energized with every step. And i didn't even feel sleepy. I was so alert i would've noticed a mosquito flying around. And my legs weren't that of training deprived ones. They were strong. In fact, it seemed wrong to be holding back.

So i picked up speed. I thought i'd just pummel through till i felt like dying and then i'll just walk. So what. No big deal. Nobody says i had to run all the way. For once i shall not be governed by the unwritten rule in my family that reducing to a walk in a running race is a crime. If i felt like walking, then by golly, i shall walk. But till that urge comes, i shall run!

And i ran. i reached the 20 km water station in 2 hours 10 minutes. which meant i'm back to a 6 minute/km pace. That was when I was confident i could finish this race in 3:15 and under. 25 km into the race and i was still feeling good. No stitch, mild pain in my toes, but bearable. i can do this!

A few people started running with me. Telling me im a good pacer. Someone asked me if i was Kimbeley Yap's sister...*cocks eyebrow*.

Soon i hear the music, and then the sights of the finishing line. I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me.

Crossed the line. 3:09:56. 37th position.

I ran 3:26 last year. Thats almost 17 minutes shaved. And suddenly the world's not too bad a place to live in. :)
a little souvenir - 2 black toes


kev said...

Well done, maybe this should be your tactic from now on. And mind you, the actual distance is 30.64km, according to Uncle Choi's Buckeyeoutdoors map. So KL Marathon sap sap sui la.

galnexdor said...

ahahha...hmmm 11.4 km more...can quaa....thanks thanks...

..melanie.. said...

by golly! i especially liked your term, By golly!'s so underused these days..good to see it's still being tossed about.

bola2api said...

good job karen!

Tisha said...

Congrats! on the new job and all...Biasale working hours are like tht...Did not know tht Joel was Subang Boy..hhmm!

Anyways your angpow frm Genting's coming soon. Waiting for my pay..sorry ah kelambatan!!
Tkcr and lve alwys