Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Everyone's been asking how the Youth'08 went. i guess there was so much hype going on, and there were those whom ive had the opportunity to whine must be wondering what happened...

I'm not going into details. The event was successful in the eyes of a lot. Those who went, participated or simply walked around to check things out, most have pretty positive feedback about the event. which was only apt since the event was quite amazing.

but the truth is, and this is probably true for every event but i still think a lot of it could've been avoided, the back scenes weren't pretty. There was a lot of evidence of poor planning and organization. But to be fair, it was a first time for every one of us, and mistakes, big or small or costly, were inevitable.
Altimet, Choy, Chermaine Poo, Joanna Bessey, Azah Yazmin
The particular segment i was in charge of? Celebrity Secrets? that went quite alright actually. The response wasn't too good but that was something we didn't have control over. As far as i am concerned the flow of the event went as close to what was planned as it could. Was quite a pity that nobody was there to watch coz i personally found it pretty hilarious.

However another event i was quite majorly involved in didn't go as well. The Trendsetting Fashion Extravaganza was a major pain to me even if i was only in charge of a minor part of the event. But the crowd was there and just like i said before, to them it probably went perfectly well.

In short, i'll admit that i succumbed to weakness at some points. I was on the verge of crying a couple of times in PWTC and i finally did at home on Sunday. The stress i was under was unbearable. I had never felt so helpless in my life...that is until we went through today's postmortem meeting. Then i realised i was actually being such a baby.

I was actually one of the staffs with the least responsibilities. And yet I acted as if i had the weight of the world on my shoulders. The meeting made me realise that there were others who had to bear with 4-5 times the amount of work i had to bear with and i don't see them complaining or breaking down.
Dr Octopus and weird masked person.
But i guess everything's a learning process. And this one's been especially educational for me. to say that i have gained nothing would be a complete lie. But to say i had a ball of a time would be a bigger one. :)

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