Monday, January 07, 2008

surprising the boyfriend

there are several reasons to why i haven't been updating. the lack of training to report on and the lack of time spent in front of my pc are just to name two. but one other factor contributed quite a bit to the issue, and that was planning a surprise birthday party for Dennis.

I'm an alright party planner, i suppose. I can foresee most of the "critical incidents" and "moments of truths" which may potentially send every second of planning down the drain if not dealt with properly (geez, i sound like i'm analysing a case study). Anyway, it was quite tough this time around, and i think it has to do with the fact that for some reason, Dennis seem to see right through me sometimes. I'm a pretty good actor to most people but not to him.

Didn't help that my initial plans to hold it in top notch service suite Duta Vista were crushed not once, but twice. But all's well that ends well. Steven lent me a really nice place in Bandar Puteri Puchong, a fully furnished, fully airconditioned, 2.5-storey terrace with 3 bedrooms. it was perfect!
Well, long story short, plan worked. Dennis was surprised, with crazy spray string thingies and a self made oreo-cheesecake, and the company of his friends. Not too shabby job, if i should say so myself. :)
anyway, big thanks to Steven for the place, and the trouble. Thanks also to Evelyn, Vern Yang and Esther for all the calling up and the food. Don't think these people actually frequent my blog, but yea, word would reach them sooner or later, i reckon. :)

I went running today. In the rain. Got soaked. I felt like i was 8 again. :)

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