Thursday, January 10, 2008

who will join me now?

waking up to the crisp morning air
to the sound of life without care
squinting my eyes in the misty light
the beginning of a day slowly comes to sight

sleepy faces greet us in the morning
but the spirit to have fun remains undying
a 6 hour trek awaits us today
to beat the rest is usually our way

comes dawn another day in camp
as we stretch to reach the morning lamp
to jump into our wet attire
water confidence is what we require

ah but to have some time on your own
to think about the person you have shown
to camp by yourself for just one night
and fear the unknown that may come in sight

next thing we know we're burning up the bbq pit
and the parents come to see us for a bit
tomorrow we'll bid goodbye to our friends
but the bond we've created never ends

i've got to say...i miss OB terribly. regretted not going. i used to call it my annual pilgrimage. no wonder i feel a bit lost missing it this time.


dektos said...

Rub it in la Ms. Siah... Rub it in... >__<

galnexdor said...


..melanie.. said...

woot! that's a damn fine picture right there. and you know how i feel about it too...gah. obs. parasitising on my emotions.

Gene said...


galnexdor said...

haha do u know where its taken from melly?

gene...i feel u....:)

Anonymous said...

sekadih...from the abseiling site..

galnexdor said...

not bad...:)

..melanie.. said...

yala..i was the one who took the picture ma..HAHAHAHA! that's why i tried to puji sendiri..hohohohoho. eh..coming home 2.5 weeks ZOMG!