Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the Gods must be dead set on my results

For every single semester, since i first started my degree in college, i had gotten 2 Distinctions and 2 Credits for my finals. except for one semester whereby i actually got myself a High Distinction. that was the same semester i got a borderline Pass for another subject too.

Before i display my results for the world to see, let me first tell you what I had expected:

Entrepreneurship: Was pretty confident considering the group project was relatively well done. Who am i kidding, it was the best group work I have ever done, with many thanks to Dektos. So i'd think a Credit would be well secured in hand.

Strategic Marketing: I'd worry for this one the most. The group project was shabbily done, and I had myself to blame. My internals were low and I'd pray for a pass.

Small Business: Also a bit uncertain because we had a rather good presentation, but our group project turned out not so good. Plus for the first time ever i got only a 5.5 for participation. I never got below 7. So i'm guessing a high pass or a low credit.

Analytical Marketing: This was the easiest subject of the lot. I did pretty well for mid sems. However, i got a bit confused for the assignment and it was an either or case - either i scored really well, or i screwed the whole darn thing coz for a moment i couldn't decide which was the dependent and which was the independent variable. Finals weren't too bad. Considering i did NOT screw my assignment up, I figured a D should be safely secured. A HD would've been good.

When i had a look at my results I laughed out loud for 2 reasons. One - I had, once again, 2 Ds and 2 Cs. Two - My expectations were entirely wrong. Here are my marks.

Entrepreneurship - D
Strategic Marketing - D
Small Business - C
Analytical Marketing - C

So I DID screw my AM assignment up. darn. But a Distinction for Strategic Marketing...who would've guessed...=) so i'm happy. Amused...but most definitely happy. =)


blacktoes said...

Congrats!!!, well done n keep it up. One more semester b4 u graduate, so give ur best.

galnexdor said...

ahha thanks daddy...=)

Wendy said...

1st i thought ur rating A = best, D = worst & E = failed. i read in details only know D = distinction & C = credit.


galnexdor said...

hahaha thank u wendy!

Stupe said...

eh, god also dead set with my grades la. i've not scored anything higher than C3 for my maths since UPSR....hahahahah!

C-CUBE said...

ren, u play hard and u study hard...good on you. i also hv the same thot like Wendy. 2 "D" and 2 "C" - not Distinction and Credit but actually the alphabet. And you screwup big time. then the relief came. Good on you!!!!

galnexdor said...

stupe: haha they've got it all set up in the skies dont they...=) owell...least they didnt plan for us to fail...=)

ccube: thanks!! yea ppl tend to think D is like almost fail di...but actually D is distinction...=)

Tisha said...

One more sem to go GAMBADEH!