Sunday, July 15, 2007

i just felt like blogging

today was a bit topsy turvey. i started out by forgetting to bring along pencils for my IELTS this morning. so i had to borrow from another candidate who was kind enough to lend me her sharpest one. the test turned out alright but the room was freezing!

when i came out of the exam hall, i switched my phone on and was shocked to see about 5 miss calls and 5 messages from the Kiwanian. Initially i had a meeting planned, but he told me he couldnt make it. So when i decided to cancel the meeting, i had not thought of informing him. And he shows up at the front of gate of Metro looking for me! I hope he isn't too mad. I feel really bad because i dont know how far he has traveled, or whether or not he had re-arranged his plans to make this meeting. I have apologized personally anyway, but that pretty much ruined my day for me.

I was thrown off guard, that even the debate trial session found me slightly hostile. sorry ati if i was being too mean...i started stressing out for some reason that when i went home for lunch i rambled on and on to my mum, which honestly did not make things any better for her because she was doing all the house chores and i was too busy complaining to notice. After lunch i said i was sleepy, so went to take a short nap...which turned into 2 long hours. When i woke up, all of MY chores were done by my mum, sending me on another guilt trip.

i started worrying about everything all of a sudden - the debate, the conference, MSSS Gimrama and how i have not taught my girls their rope routine, the PD tri, whether or not I should leave on friday night or saturday morning - everything. i was pacing back and forth, working very hard on keeping a straight face, but really i was ready to yank my hair out.

i finally plomped myself down in front of the TV to clam myself. I started watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on HBO and that was surprisingly therapeutic. Its been ages since i last watched a movie on TV. Anyway i watched the last 1 and a half hours. it ended at 7 pm. i got up, changed and went for a run. it's quite ironic how i run best when i'm all stressed up. i clocked one of my best times today.

after the run, everything seemed to have been rearranged in the pits of my head. so im good now. and just now, i met up with Jackie, Julie, Siew Ghee, Soon Seng and Fu Wen. That was nice. remembering how we'd give live commentary on the boys playing basketball outside our class, how i used to sing out loud when i sat right in front of my teacher, how we had the friendly rivalry between Leo and Interact. =) meetings like that should happen on an annual basis. =)

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