Friday, March 28, 2008

aunty chic

Shakti has this term for hot middle aged women who are in great shape and have fantastic fashion sense. They're the ones who send their kids off to tuition/camp/movies with friends and then they go hang out themselves at Uncle Lim's or Old Town. They're the ones who gather with friends 3-5 times a week, and play tennis, or go line dancing or have a bake-a-thon. And they all have fantastic clothes.

They're called Aunty Chics. And where i work, i see them come in groups everyday. They're not shy to put on a mid riff sports bra and strut around. Most of them have 4 packs on their abdominals, and amazingly toned biceps and triceps. They wear Nike apparel from top to toe, they're fully made up complete with eyeliner and lip liner. And all i can say is you should really see them in the dance studios.

I wanna be an Aunty Chic when i hit my 40s. I wanna look great, and wear amazing clothes. I want my kids' friends to go "omg your mom's so hot!". I want to run and bike alongside people half my age, chat them up, then overtake them. I wanna be all that and more 20-30 years down the road.

Sue me. :)


Jackie Voon said...

all the hot mama-s! hahaha...don't worry...i would be glad to pose as your lawyer then..let them sue you!

Anonymous said...

ren!!we shall be aunty chics together!!!=)