Monday, June 01, 2009

Run Auckland

I haven't really been talking about Run Auckland, have I? This was the last post I mentioned Run Auckland. And I didn't say very much about it.

Well, for the Queen's Birthday's sake, I shall refresh everyone on this run series I have been doing. Run Auckland is a 6-run series that takes place all over Auckland. That's pretty much the main reason why i signed up for it in the first place - to see different parts of Auckland. Each race has a 5km and 10km category, and I obviously signed up for all the 10kms. The 6th leg, however has a 10km and 21km category and I signed up for 21km. So far it has been very worth the $90 i paid in October last year. I signed up early to get the free 2XU t shirt and to catch the early bird price. I have seen many nice parks and city skylines and harbour fronts all over Auckland. It's been a pleasure running up and down the hills too.

I just did the 4th leg yesterday and am pretty pleased with how well I have done. I managed 9.96 km in 51:57. I have a feeling it isn't 9.96 km simply because that's a pretty quick pace. But I've been walking every single day up the hill to this house, and I've cycled quite a few times up this hill too. And trust me pumping my quads up that hill is no joke. So could it be that my daily routine has somehow strengthened my legs? Possibly.

Here's the terrain for race day. It looks pretty intense, and when I saw it before the race, I thought "die la". But surprisingly I didn't. It was pretty easy for me. So yay!
2 more races to go, and the weather is getting colder and colder. Running 21km in Auckland winter? hmm...=)

On another note, weather is behaving here! I don't want to jinx it but look at this!
I don't know how accurate KL weather forecasts are. Can anyone fill me in?

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