Thursday, June 18, 2009


The exam yesterday wasn't too bad. I must say doing past year papers definitely helps. Doing ONLY past year questions...hehe...well I'm one of a kind. Or one kind. :P

Anyway I checked my uni email today and there was this:

Dear Karen

The Ministry of Health is currently warning that the H1N1 virus, or swine flu, could spread rapidly in New Zealand. In an attempt to contain this spread, the Ministry is asking that persons with symptoms of the virus stay at home and that they do not attend at a doctor's surgery or hospital. See

Students with suspected H1N1 symptoms should not attempt to sit an examination. Because the Ministry of Health advice is that persons with such symptoms not visit a doctor for confirmation, students who miss an examination because of these symptoms will not be able to apply for aegrotat consideration in the normal fashion.

Such students should advise the Examinations Office of their situation by email at

Arrangements will be made for students who are unable to sit an examination because of suspected H1N1 flu to sit their examination when they are well.

Other students who are prevented from sitting an examination or whose preparation or performance is seriously impaired by any other illness or injury should see a doctor and apply as usual for aegrotat consideration which will require a medical certificate.

If you need further advice you may phone 0800 61 62 63.

Kind Regards

The Student Contact and Support Team

If I don't feel prepared by tonight, then I guess it's time I started working on my fake cough.

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