Saturday, June 27, 2009

Man in the Mirror

I just watched the top 40 countdown of MJ's hits. And I must say that watching 20+ songs (i started at about 22) by the same artiste back to back, we're bound to come to a point where u get so sick of the same moves and vocals and rhythm and style.

But not with MJ. Every video was unique and intriguing. Every dance move, albeit really similar and overused by so many others, was still as entertaining to watch as ever. My favourite is still Black or White, btw.

Perhaps it's compassion and emotion speaking. I feel sad. I guess I just never thought he'd die! haha to put it simply. I just never thought people like Michael Jackson died. And i guess that deep down I was harbouring the hope that I could perhaps go for one of his concert sometime. Can't realise that now. I miss him. =(

On another note, I have plans for the September break! The flatmates and I were chilling out watching Michael Jackson when the idea sprung up to do the Tongariro Crossing in September! And I get to do my Taupo Off Road Half Marathon! And then there is that road trip at the end of semester up North. Ah life is sweet. =)

I just love having plans. It just gives my life here in Auckland a bit more meaning.


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kippy keith said...

Still find Earth Song better. hahahahha