Monday, June 22, 2009

5 minutes and 2 seconds

On Sunday I ran the 5th leg of the Run Auckland series. The air was frigid, there was frost on the grass, my hands were dead numb but this run is possibly my best run. Ever. I clocked 49:57 for 9.91km making it a 5:02min/km pace. I am just 3 seconds away from doing a sub 5 minute pace. and that route, was damn hilly, mind you. =) *JOY*. I guess all the training helped. I am so gonna be a sub 5 minute runner soon!!!!and with this run, also ends my participation in the Run Auckland series. I won't be attending the final leg because some people have somehow made snowboarding more appealing than running 21 kms. heh. I'll be snowboarding the slopes of Mt Ruapehu next next weekend. wee~!

I have just finished yet another paper - Sport and Society. Was pretty easy. It was a replica of a few past year exam papers, no new questions at all. I think I probably did pretty good. heh. =)

Because of this exam period, I have been snacking. a LOT. it's terribly unlike me, I'm not really a snacker. But this time around I am eating kit kats, chips, and my latest fetish - crackers. Cap Ping Pong, to be exact. Bought them from the asian supermarket down the road. and i used to eat these with peanut butter, but now I have them with honey. sweet it is to be loved by you....=)


valeriechuan said...

hey u! cap ping pong with Honey?? or peanut butterr? hahaha..
i love it plain..haha...

talk about snacks!

i've got a small packet of sourcream flavoured Lays Max and bought a big pack of bacon flavored Tortillas!! haha..all inside the plastic bag which is hanging from the RC carabiner clipped to the drawer holder...hahaha..but belum buka lar..haahaah

My fridge has,2 small bottles of carbonated drinks; diet coke and lemon lime 7-Up! HAHAHA..i finished the diet coke ady within 2 days...:P

My fridge also has 2 boxes of cakes; 1 box with 3 slices of cherry marble cake,the other has 4 slices choc cake with pineapple..
i ate 1 slice of the cherry marble cake..and 2 slices of the choc cake within 2 weeks..

In my freezer there're one tub of Adriano,Tiramisu icecream( ate half within 2weeks),1 box of Nuggets( 7 mins in microwave; i finished 6 pieces already)...1 box of Turkey meat wrap in bacon(have yet to makan)..HAHAHAH!

valeriechuan said...

yay! all da best for exams...mine finishing on June 30.
till then..hugss...hugsss

valeriechuan said...

* sorry i mean I am finishing on June 30.haha

galnexdor said...

hahaha ok =)
all the best to u too...and its ok to snack!!!