Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am incredible at procrastinating.

Yeah. Almost awesome even. I do it with no effort at all.

I was blog surfing, visiting some old blogs I've not gone to in a long time. Some people just write so well I feel embarrassed owning a blog. I am not worthy of the "blogosphere". Anyway, I came across a post which said "I can't believe it's almost June. Only 6 months left of this year". So it's half way through June now. And she's right. Only 6 months left till 2010. I guess, time really does fly. When you look at the big picture. But when you're perched at your study table doing MCQ after MCQ after MCQ, the minutes really do crawl. haha..

Anyway, I sit for my first exam paper tomorrow. Finally. Don't ask me if I am prepared. I never know that answer. I don't think anyone will ever be prepared for an exam unless they're thinking of getting a 100% right on it. Exams are mean. They prove nothing in this world.

One tomorrow, one on Friday, one on Monday and one more on the following Monday. And then it's off to Aussie for 7 days. And then hitting the slopes for a whole weekend. And then just chilling out and bumming around till Semester 2 starts.

And once semester 2 starts, its only 14 weeks till I start packing up, to go home this time.

Home. I have to say you really really appreciate home when you're away from it. I think I'll do things a little differently this time when I go home. Gonna actually stay home more. haha..just bum around and hang out with mummy, daddy and Keith. go to the market with her. go running with him. and...play ps2 with him?? ahha i'll find something. maybe i'll make him play badminton and squash with me once a week. =)

I miss home. I really do. It's not that I don't like it here. I just like home more. Love home. Hands down.

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