Sunday, April 19, 2009

that easter break

With this morning's 10km race, the 2nd leg of the Run Auckland series, ends my Easter break for the semester. I had a good run, the scenery was really something, with the Auckland skyline in the horizon. But even though I felt like I was running faster than I used to, putting in more effort than i used to, I seem to be running slower than I thought - 58 minutes. It's odd really. I don't pride myself as someone who trains very hard..because I don't..but I never really deprove (if there's such a word) that badly before. Guess the Auckland terrain got the better of me. That, or Aunty Jane's awesome home cooked meals. hehe...

After the race I went for another $10 buffet in the city. This time it was yum char (better known as dim sum) at Ocean City. Ocean City really gave us value for money with their delicious siew mai and siew loong pao and many other stuff. Yum...
And yes, we finished all that. That was only round 1. =)

So it's back to school tomorrow. Back to 6.30 am starts. I reckon this 2nd half of the semester would go by pretty quickly now with assignments coming in, whilst juggling my 2 jobs. It's gonna be a quick 7 weeks before exams begin. =)


jote said...

deprove = deteriorate?

And all that for $10? I wish we could get that kind of value-for-money here..


galnexdor said...

hahah yea when they have promos its really value for money.

oh i just found out i ran 10.8km instead of 10 km. so yay me!