Thursday, April 02, 2009

If I were a nerd

I really envy nerds. I envy the dedication and commitment they can give towards studying. I envy how they strive so hard to score those impossibly high marks. I wish I had half their will power.

I just had an exam for BioSci 107. and i had really put in quite a lot of effort into this one. i was studying every day for it for about a week. and i did online tests and past year exam papers and did them pretty well too. it came to a point i was looking forward to sitting for this exam because i wanted to test how much i knew. i felt this aura of confidence and self esteem when i walked to uni today to catch the bus.

and then i met my friend Terry. and Terry said to me "I think I'm gonna do really well in this, aye. I think I'm gonna get at least 75% right, I'm sure. How about you?" yea, they don't do that whole humble thing over here. They speak how they feel. Suddenly i feel my confidence shaken. just by his overwhelming confidence.

I walked into the exam hall still feeling quite alright. And then it started. First question. not too sure. 2nd question. not too sure. 3rd question...oh shit. and it went downhill from there. there were a few questions which i probably aced. but i would say 50/50 at this point.

about 4 hours ago I felt pretty smart. I felt like a science student. I KNEW stuff. Stuff with big names like buccopharangeal arch and interembryonic mesoderm.

right now i don't feel so smart. i feel kinda stupid. i feel like once again, Science has proven to me that i am not cut out for it.

I wanna be a nerd. I wanna be kiasu.
saw this one imprinted somewhere on the grounds of Auckland Uni. Love it when they have these random art on the ground...


Li-Ann said...

hang in there!! sometimes feeling uncertain about your answers is a good thing, it makes you a whole more analytical when you answer. for all you know you've done really well for it! i've surprised myself sometimes when examines like these strike.

enjoy your easter at lake taupo!

valeriechuan said...

it's always difficult in the beginning.rememebr,tough times never last, tough people do.

Trust me if you continue to put in effort in studying and work hard,you'll gain benefit later on.

AFter taking that minor exam, your roughly know what you still doesnt know and then you will start searching for the answer and remmeber it forever.

So dont give up okay!Perseverance is the key to success...

Whatever/however you're feeling now is what/how i felt last time too during my basic sciences year ,especially i didn take A-levels or STPM.
I was feeling so stressful and after my first exam i actually cried because i didn do well.then after that it was nothign already.Just told myself need to work harder.

trust me even the smartest people has to put some effort in too..Just not as much effort as an average student...

ok lar...keep reading...*hugs...

galnexdor said...

thanks ladies..

feeling better about it already. its just a disappointment because its the same last sem for MedSci, i failed my midsem. And I had to work doubly hard for finals.

And i promised i wouldnt fail Biosci midsem this sem. But now I don't know if i did..But even if I did, I guess working doubly hard for finals again is possible la..