Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh adventure race, how i miss thee

Heat radiating from the face
A muddy drop of sweat trickles down
Feet sore, yet oh so strong
Keeping up as it thumps on the ground

Arms shiver in fatigue
Body screaming for food
Yet the spirits are high, way up high
And the atmosphere smelt so good

Gashes and cuts lace the body
Joints exhausted from the pounding
Ankles swollen, knees feel like jelly
Yet laughter is heard amidst the running

Feet sloshing in soaking wet shoes
Clothes clinging, abrasions stinging
Yet a smile is found ever so often
The fun never stopped motivating

Breathing is hard, cold and forced
Heart is slamming against the chest
Yet to be immersed in it all
Outright thumps the rest

My brother sent me Doc Hisyam's Sabah Adventure Challenge race report. That's a race I want to do someday. Sabah is gorgeous! And 3 days in the jungle...pretty intense fun. =)

I took a longer run just now. There's something about running in the cold that makes u feel somewhat cured of all fatigue after the run. I think, I'm actually starting to like running in the cold. With sleeved t shirts and long tights of course. :)


valeriechuan said...

is dr Hisyam the ENT doc in UMMC?

galnexdor said...

haha yea i think so...but he's in serdang hospital now...short and cute...haha...

valeriechuan said...

oh is it? i didn know he shifted already.I didn hear thi from his friend.hmm..

i've never seen him, only met his friend, Dr.Amir by chance during one of my summer practise training 3 years ago.