Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making babies.

Couple of weeks before easter break, the university decided that we should all learn how to make babies. And so, like the dedicated student that I am, I agreed. I must say the process of making babies seemed daunting at first. I mean, the university expected us to make them in 3 hours! I don't know about you, but to me, that just seemed far too painful and exhausting.

Anyway, we were given the proper protection gears and everything and that was it. No proper guidance, nothing! Well, considering we were all freshman in uni, I had expected a little more show and tell, but I guess in some parts of the world, 17 year olds are already experts in the matter at hand. *shrugs*

So i set to work. Carefully applying the proper positions as not to ruin the moment. It started off a little soft, but when we've warmed up to each other, things got a lot more fun. Soon we were pressing and rolling and pushing and pulling. I can tell how it can be more pleasurable whilst in a group. You get to see what other people are up to so you can always keep yourself in check.

I must say I was really into it. And in less slightly less than 2 hours, I was well satisfied with the outcome. I guess I have a gift. =)

So today after about a month of labour, my baby is finally ready. And the sight of it was nothing short of gorgeous.

Dear all, meet baby Bob, named after the brave little deer Dennis and I met at the deer park.

Isn't he just adorable? =)

I'm sure Dennis will grow to love him too, won't you hon?


Sher Mayne said...

hahahahahaha!!! i named mine bob too last time!! but it was called mutated bob and i chucked him away a year later because his blood vessels started falling off :p

jote said...

Hahahaha.. love the duality of the initial paragraphs. =P
Don't think I've ever heard you talking about anything of that nature before..; and perhaps I'm not scientific enough but I can't seem to figure out which part of Bob looks anything like a baby? =/ Except maybe his spine..

galnexdor said...

shermayne: serious?! ahaha i hope mine doesnt fall apart! i should make it a glass case! ahahha

jote: haha...thats coz i dont talk about matters of this nature. but i couldnt resist the opportunity to blog about this one. =) it takes a keen eye, it does, it does...i think my dad probably wouldve read it...*shrugs* hasnt said a word to me...=)

Jackie Voon said...

I WAS TOTALLY LOST! 1st thought..."which part of it looks like a deer?!?!"..
2nd thought.."Is that just some abstract art which you wanted to call 'your baby'?"
Finally...."Oh gosh..its suppose to be a baby in-the-making....*silly me*" to forgive the engineering mindset..LOL