Saturday, May 02, 2009


I moved into the Green house today. and it's my first time experiencing like a student flat kind of living. it feels kinda cool. =) although, little things like cleanliness isn't really top notch, if u get what i mean. but it's considerably neat n tidy and it has a nice feel to this place.

will blog more about it when i have more pictures. and the energy.

i'm completely knackered right now. spent the night packing...spent the entire day moving in. i really don't have much energy left in me to blog. only reason i'm not sprawled on my bed right now is because i'm waiting for mom, dad and keith to come online.

there's work tomorrow. and i'm not looking forward to it. sigh.

but just in case this post starts sounding like im depressed all over again, i'm not! im actually really psyched to move in today. i spent heaps of money though, but it was fun! and i am feeling like i finally, truly, am experiencing life as a student abroad. =)

anyway, like i said. will blog more about this when i have the energy and pictures.

on another note, I watched X Men Origins last night! Awesome flick. I am completely swept away by Hugh Jackman. Sexiest man alive indeed. Nobody else should ever wear a leather jacket again because nobody else will ever make it look better! :P
Oh, and the movie had great storyline, superb effects and all that. heh. =)

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