Saturday, May 09, 2009

on my way

It has only been a week that I have lived out on my own with my new housemates, and already I feel as though I have conquered and achieved quite a lot. Even though I flatted with Shermayne last semester, the apartment still came with all the basic stuff that made living there very very convenient. And I was constantly given free food and more basic amenities from time to time.

So now that I am officially out on my own, for real this time, I am feeling it. But to be honest I am actually feeling a lot happier. I am liking the freedom to sleep whenever i want, eat whenever i want, make a mess if need be and even have junk food for dinner if i wanted (which of course i won't. i'm such a healthy eater...haha). It's just nice knowing that I can =).

And I really like my housemates. I figure this must be similar to what it is like growing up with sisters. I've always wondered what it'd be like. We sit around the dining table (not everyday, but a couple of times this past week) and we talk about everything from cooking, to fashion, to boyfriends, to matchmaking our single housemates. It's fun. And we watch Grey's Anatomy together. It's really is cool. =)

Of course I miss having manly conversations with my brothers as well. There will always be some things I can only talk to my brothers about. But there'll be time for that when I go home. Right now I'm just soaking in this experience. It has been an interesting week.

It poured like crazy past couple of nights, and rained and drizzled throughout the days. I have, yet again, fallen prey to influenza. No no...I do not have swine flu, I assure you. Just a bit of a scratchy throat and the sniffles. I just bought myself Centrum - this multivitamin pill to boost my immune system again.

4 more weeks of uni before exams start...

'Cos I'm on my way, I'm on my way
There seems to be no end in sight
But I know I'll be alright
'Cos I'm on my way, I'm on my way
Don't give up on me, I'm on my way
- Corrine May - On My Way

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