Friday, May 15, 2009

girl talk

So I turned 23 over the week! =) It started out with my throat feeling sandpapered, my nose completely stuffed up, my head heavy and hot, and my eyes constantly watery with tears. I was pretty sick on my inaugural birthday away from home, and though i try to deny it, i think it has a lot to do with homesickness.

Anyway, I had had plans to go shopping for a new pair of skinny jeans, to go grocery shopping to make something to bring over to Lily's and just hang around my to talk to my friends. But everything went out the door, also because it poured pretty hard on that day too. So on a cold and wet Auckland day, I chose to spend my birthday in bed right after class.

It did however get better in the afternoon when i spent it talking to Ju online! =) Really made my day, woman. Thanks. The wireless connection was very very cooperative though. I had roughly 2 hours of uninterrupted video call with Ju. I think the IT Gods took pity on me. =)

At night, I went over to Lily's as planned, runny nose and everything, and was pleasantly surprised by Irvin and Steph being there! They made me dinner and got me presents and a cake! I brought over the movie He's Just Not That Into You which I downloaded and it was perfect! Us girls, watched it noddingly, while random unanswered questions in our heads went *click* as the movie went along. haha...sigh, the games we play for love. Still waiting on Irvin for photos of that night, although warning, i did NOT look my very best that night. =)

My flatmates actually had a small treat for me as well, but by the time i got back they were all heading to bed already, so we postponed it to the next day. They got me cupcakes! Really nice of them. So my birthday turned out to be a pretty sweet occasion afterall.
On another note, I just got back from an all girl outing with some friends. I think that in my 23 years, I have never had so much girl time before. Nowadays I find that I am constantly in an all girl situation and i never thought it would be so significantly different till now.

I was never apart of a big group of girls, growing up. I have 2 brothers, love them, hate them, can't live without them. I was babysat by Jude's grandmother, my neighbour, and so i played with Jude and David through primary school. And my friends in school were also predominantly males I realise. I was a gymnast, sure, with many many many girlfriends, but Lyn and I were quite often lost when we went out with the girls because we just don't talk on the same level as they do. In high school i had Ju and a few of the girls in the group but even then, i think there were still more guys than girls. I worked very well with Jackie and the La Sallian directors during my Leo days. Honestly, i like working with guys. In college, I was closer to the boys in G14 as well. And in Metro I had Ati, but still, had more guy friends than girl friends if i thought about it. It wasn't until I started going out with Dennis, did i find myself needing to talk to my girls about...stuff.

So, needless to say that the overwhelming amount of "girl talk" is quite culturally shocking to me. So I work in a women's gym, I live in a flat with 4 other girls, and I just got back from that all girl outing and it hit me all of a, i really don't know much stuff about girl-dom.

But it's intriguing. Like all of a sudden I am looking at the world through a really Girl girl perspective. If that makes any sense. And the guys are right, we women are quite complicated.

Perhaps I just have a narrower view on things. I am not particularly open about the topic of sex, or tampons, for that matter, i know peanuts about fashion and magazines, and I really do not follow Project Runway, Next Top Model or any reality show. Right now i just hope i'm acting cool enough in the discussions, and not gape at them like a gold fish.

Owell...that is what socialising is all about, is it not? We discover, we learn. =)

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dood said...

5 birthday muffins in place of cake? suitable for current situation ya..

hey u being athletic, skinny jeans may not just be right for ya. dun get filibustered by those charming ads u know...we no like regrets of parting our hard cash with...

i guess u look betta in those frilly thin yet rugged cargo pants. u shud try on one :)

yup nice girls dun discuss intimate matters in public or groups :)

hey, ur bf bought ya da nifty ipod? kool gadget to keep company in bustling town with drink in hand but not running ya..