Wednesday, May 27, 2009


feeling like i've been walking
on a straight long road
even though it is just the beginning
i am starting to feel the load

feeling like i keep making turns
that seem to lead me on to a longer path
on some days i'd enjoy the journey
on others, i seem to face its wrath

feeling like i should stop counting
down the months, weeks and days
and just soak it all in this new adventure
and embrace its many new ways

feeling like i can take it one day
then feeling like i can't, on another
and when the weight seems too heavy
someone somewhere is always here

someone whose words can lift me up
whose hugs are all i can wish for
whose warm embrace i truly miss
whose eyes had swept me off the floor

whose arms which wrapped around me
whose voice which whispered in my ear
make me wish for months to fly by
to the time i can have him near

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