Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dream Village Run

For those who know me, they know me as a runner. They think I'm that crazy chic who runs n runs n runs n runs and never gets tired. Well, for the naive and uninformed, they're probably half right. hahaha...BUT, truth be told, I am one lazy runner, aye. *kiwi accent*. Yes, I enjoy running, but I don't train very often. I probably race more than I train. Which probably makes me a more professional racer than anyone else, doesn't it? hmmm....

I digress. I may be that crazy runner chic to some people, but let me tell you, I know this crazy running dude who, is through and through, inside out, outside in, upside down and right side up, madly in love with pushing his body to its limits. This dude probably feeds on adrenaline.
So, this dude, named Alex aka Ironmaniac, is a very good friend of mine. And he is about to do something extremely cool. Something I should probably do, some day. He is gonna do the Ultra Marathon. (Note: An ultra marathon is anything more than a marathon i.e. >42km). He's doing the 84 km Sundown Marathon in Singapore and he's trying to raise funds for Dream Village.

So, if you want to do something to support this crazy runner dude...which i strongly suggest you should...please go to the link below and READ ALL ABOUT IT!. and then, you can decide for yourself what to do next.

OK? =)

Dream Village Run

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