Wednesday, May 20, 2009

reading thoughts

Ever noticed how people on the train/bus seem to look a little dazed all the time? They always seem to have glazed eyes, staring far far away into space, definitely with many thoughts racing through their minds.

I always find myself observing people on public transports. And sometimes, a particular passenger stands out and i find my gaze fixated on that person. Which is rude...i've been caught before...many times. But yea, I tend to stare, and try to read their thoughts. I would come up with scenarios in my head and imagining little self-conversational thoughts going through that person's mind.

No, I haven't gone completely mad. I just don't do very well when I have no one to talk to, and this i find, is an outlet for my pent up energy. =) I'm just kidding. People observation is quite fun, try it.

happy 19 =)

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