Friday, May 29, 2009

on a whim

i did something quite random today. i woke up suddenly remembering the Briscoes brochure, especially a certain hair curling tong that was on sale for $20. i never thought of curling my hair. i have curly hair. i never thought i'd buy a curling tong. ever.

but boredem got the better of me. with only one class on today, and a pretty sunny sky, i just decided, oh what the heck. i rode off on my bike for about 20 minutes, on a very very busy Auckland road. The amount of vehicles on the road seem to be increasing exponentially for some reason. Soon it's gonna be just like Subang, just colder. I arrived in front of Briscoes and zoomed straight to the electrical appliances.

There i spotted another tong that was $12.50. A Sunsilk curling tong, that had a pink tip and a purple handle. It was a little shorter and fatter. The Remington one was longer and slimmer. I had thought of the size of curls that depended on the width of the tong. And i knew i prefered bigger curls rather than smaller ones. But the Remington one was teflon coated which i suppose wouldn't be such a bad thing, especially since the chances of a curling accident happening to me was quite high. and i figured with a slim tong u can make both big and small curls whereas with a big tong, u can't go small. Suddenly I remembred Ivan Ho and his big bowl small bowl theory back when I had wanted to be a scout so badly.

"A big bowl can do what a small bowl can, but a small bowl cannot function as a big bowl, can it?"

So, for the security of not burning my hair, the (hopefully) dual functionability of the slimmer tong, and reluctance to own a pink curling tong, i got the slightly more expensive Remington one.

It turned out to be $18. I paid for it, and chucked it into my bagpack and started pedalling home. I can't believe how excited i actually was! I felt like I had just bought myself a little treat.

I immediately put it on when I came back. It's a LOT of hard work. I went through half my head and wanted to give up. If i didn't look so ridiculous with half a head of curls and half a head of semi-straight hair, I would've given up. But then I persisted. And the results? well, it was quite weird. Think aunty. heh.

But im determined to find a better technique of getting just the outcome i want. =)


Jul said...

i like it!

galnexdor said...


valeriechuan said...

nice!...anyway good choice! remington brand is memang good one :)

my dad owns a set of remington ermm those shaver kind to cut boys hair with differ length and size of cutter..haha

coz my mom helps my dad cut hair at home..wakkaka..

last time dad use to cut me and my bro's hair..but now me and bro prefer to get our haircut from the shop...

ekekekekekek.... :P