Monday, April 13, 2009

am i that easy to leave

am i that easy to leave
does it all just get written over
the story of our lives
the times we've spent together

am i that easy to walk away from
my kisses that easy to forget
does the touch of my skin mean nothing
more than a bundle of regret

do the visions of me just fade
as easily as the taste of water
does my voice calling out your name
not stay around and linger

is my face that easy to turn away from
does my smile not make you smile
does the fear of responsibility outweigh
the love we've had all this while

am i that small in value
that a second's thought is so hard to give
honey, tell me again
am i so easy to leave

*edit* just a pondering. has nothing to do with me, don't worry.

at Rebecca St James' concert, she spoke about a new movie she was starring in where she played the role of a girl who was pregnant out of wedlock. it made me think of a client i had on Saturday who was transferring her membership to a friend. when i asked her why, she said because her partner got her pregnant and then left her.

just now over dinner, we watched a news covering a center for pregnant teenagers, the youngest mother being only 13 years old. most of them, their partners fled after they find out they're pregnant, and the mom of the unborn child is left alone.

now i am someone with very strong principles with regards to pre-marital sex. call me conservative, but cases like these are reason enough to hold back certain things in life, if you don't buy the whole "sex is an act of true commited love between two commited souls" thing.

i'll be frank. i am terrified of the thought of being pregnant at the age of 23, let alone the age of 13. it would be, without a shadow of doubt, the worst thing that could happen to me at this point in life, and any point until i say I do, for that matter.

i think that the partners of these ladies have the right to be scared. whether they run away or not, that reflects their attitudes towards responsibility, but their decisions aside, they have every right to be scared. and though it is cruel to leave their women to fend for themselves, my stand is still prevention is better than cure. or in this case, solution.

just my 2 cents worth. what do u think?

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