Friday, April 24, 2009

6 to go

1 week down. 6 more to go.

I have 6 more weeks before the semester ends and the study break starts. This time around my exam schedule kinda suck because it starts and ends very late. Last semester I had Medsci as the first paper and that was over n done with pretty early. I only had my sport science and psych papers to worry about after that.

This semester I start really late into the exam...which means i have a much longer time to study (no, that is not something i'd rejoice over, seriously). Coz the longer the time given to me, the longer I will procrastinate. And my final paper, which is Spanish (sigh...stupid elective) falls on the very last day of the exams, 29th June. Which is a Monday! Because Kiwis, weird as they are, just HAD to have that weekend for students like me to mull over and watch other students who finish on the Friday before kick off their heels and throw their heads back!

Stupid. I still don't understand why they make Monday the last day of exams. It doesnt make any sense at all. And Thursday is the first day. Can't they just start on a Monday and finish on like a Friday?

Owell. Spanish is fairly easy and a fun subject so i guess i'm pretty free once i'm done with the other papers on the 22nd. =)

On a not-so-different note, I passed my Biosci 107 mid semester exam! The one I thought I was going to fail. I got 65%. What a shocker. I was stoked! =) Yay~! At least I know my chances of passing this subject is higher now. =)


weisheng said...

My finals timetable in Hull was pretty bad too.. I finished later than the rest, but it wasn't just the weekend I saw the others enjoying, but the annual ball! How unfair's that? Anyhoos, just wanted to say youre not alone..

galnexdor said...

why they organize the ball during exams?? so weird...and yea sooo unfair! sue them! negligence! :P

valeriechuan said...

glad to hear you passed!..see lah u..think so much..

btw,my uni lagi keng few weeks before exam begins only they come out with the exam whose UNI is worse?haha...

but also good lah..makes us Be prepared everytime.

i Used to hate my uni for not being more organized.Always do last minutes thing.

but after awhile i got used to the"be prepared always" routine.haha...

owell, good luck for all your upcoming exams your best!