Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy birthday mummy

When times are dull and monotonous
You bring on life and colours and rhyme

You bring on fun and laughter when we’re young
Which carry on in our hearts through time

When times are dark and fearful

You bring light to brighten it up

You bring warmth to comfort our nerves

You bring assurance that you’ll never give up

When times are unreasonable and unjust

You take in our raging temper

You calm us down with soothing words
When none other would understand better

When times are happy and full of zest

Often we take for granted how it came to be

That, really, life for us is grand and wholesome

You made sure of that when you raised us three


CALVIaNoRonaldo7 said...

(clap clap clap)
Wow...wonderful stuff...
Keep up the good work sis!

galnexdor said...

haha tqtq...