Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because I need to update this thing.

And change the mood in here by pushing that last post down.

I've been keeping myself pretty busy over here in the Land of Auck. School has got me up to my neck with everything. And I've just gotten back into work too. But work, as always, has been great. I now take 2 spin classes a week, so that'll keep my behind nice and toned for a while. =) It is always great to see all the members again, and always very flattering when they tell me they've missed me. I still find it quite surprising when members actually notice that I haven't been around. Ah...the loveeeeee =)

Life has also taken a twist for me here. And it has been pretty refreshing. Feels pretty good to be the center of attention again, though, I should probably start time managing a little better if I am going to stay on track with my studies. So far it's been good fun!

Perspective. Mine has definitely changed. And suddenly the world looks a little more vibrant to me. Go figure. =)

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