Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Procrastinate some more!

I never learn. Have I ever told you I never learn?

Perhaps it is because I don't want to.

It is 1.5 hours past the time I'd like to be in bed by. I have submitted 1 Medsci lab report, tidied up 1 Sportsci logbook, submitted 1 Math assignment, and is 50% through 1 Exercise Physiology lab report due on Friday. Oh, and I have a Math mid term test tomorrow, which I honestly don't think I'm going to study for. And I need to see my supervisor on Friday morning. And I have a lab tomorrow morning. And I have a FULL ON day tomorrow ALL the way till 7.30 pm thanks to stupid Math test. AND I still need to pack for Tongariro which I am leaving for at 6.30 pm on Friday.

Oh, and I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night.

Sweet. I know I could've avoided ALL of this if I had only managed my time properly. BUT. Like I said. I never learn. I have tried countless of times to sit down and start my reports sooner but something. always. gets. in. my. way.



jote said...

Pfft. Time management is for the weak!

Don't believe me?

It's commonly said that sleep is for the weak.
Therefore only the strong can *not* sleep.
Last-minute work = not sleeping.
Therefore, only the strong are able to do it, and do it well.

You have nothing to worry about!

galnexdor said...

haha yes!! :D