Monday, April 04, 2011


I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap. It feels good to be able to do this. I got my laptop a new China made battery, so now it can be charged up and will last for about 3 hours without me having to plug it in again. :D

I've had a crazy week last week. But it ended pretty well with the Tongariro Crossing to cap it off. If there's anything I truly love it would be hiking through mountains. I was completely at ease when I was doing the hike. It's like I left all my troubles behind in Auckland, and I went there feeling light as a feather.Today was full on. I left the house at 8 am, came back briefly at 12 for lunch, then I had to go off again, and I didn't get back till after 8 pm from work. Here's what I had for lunch. :) English spinach stirfried with garlic, and a chives omelette. Greens were from Lily's garden.
So right now I'm just bumming. Because my brain's fried, and I'm feeling rather wistful. I know it's my last semester, and I am very close to the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that I've only got 6 more academic weeks till I complete my degree. I know I can do this. But oh my God, I am so so so sick of it. I am so tired of everything! I long for the day I finish SO BADLY. There's still so much work to do! Yes the end is near, but there are still so many hurdles to cross, so many hills to climb!

If this were a spin class, I'm at the second last track, the one before the BIG POWER TRACK.
If this were a marathon, I'm doing my final 10 k in Kuala Lumpur, with that silly detour at the end of the race.

I. will. get. there.


Sher Mayne said...

so i was meant to go back akl to give u the peptalk u gave to me during my last sem... haha!! but looks like u've already given it urself :p

u r way more stronger, way more determined than anyone i know. you definitely will get there. 6 weeks is nothing compared to the past 2.75 years u've been in auck uni. u've never failed to climb any hills that u've attempted and hence these hills u're talking about are ones that you definitely will conquer.. coz that's what u do best!

chin up and keep going! the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train. it's a bachelor's degree topped with lots of celebration, family, friends, happy juice, and one heck of an awesome career... and (quote YOU with a little modification....) --- You can kiss AU's ass goodbye, sayonara!!!!

jote said...

I hate that silly little detour.

galnexdor said...

thanks shermayne!! :D yeah. I CAN!! HOO-YAH! i just need to be more organized. heh. hope you're enjoying life more now with your packed as work schedule!

jote: tell me about it. dumb KL.