Sunday, April 24, 2011


My 2 week Easter break is about to come to an end and it has been quite a school break! I've been hanging out with so many cool people it's awesome! In all honesty, I did try pretty hard to study, but the discipline eludes me, as it always does, and so studies wise, it wasn't very productive. =\ BUT, life is about seizing opportunities...and in that sense, I've been doing pretty well. :D

I went on a trip with Elise and Henny, my flatmates. We did a short roadie to Paeroa, where we trekked to Karangahake Gorge. Then we drove to Coromandel town to spend the night. The next day we went to Cathedral Cove, which was another short trek to one of the loveliest beaches I know in North Island.When we came back, I went to meet Moïse for a cup of coffee. He is a traveller from France, stopping over in Auckland for 4 days, before he jets off to Tahiti to visit friends. When I first saw him, I almost gasped. Because I measured up to right below his shoulder. I've never felt so puny before, literally. But he was very warm and very nice to talk to. We ended up hanging out the next night (which was yesterday night) and the whole of today too.I went partying with the girls again last night, bringing Moïse along to Auckland's night scene. It's funny how this is becoming quite frequent for me now, seeing that I was the antithesis of clubbing not too long ago. Haha...guess perceptions can change. I still wouldn't club in downtown KL though, for the simple reason that parking is too expensive, and people who smoke are annoying. This time around I had a good night out with them. Because it's Easter today, clubs and bars turned the music off at midnight, so I called it a night early, while the others went on to the only 2 clubs left open in Auckland on the night before Easter.

I also hung out with Stan during the day. We watched the movie, The Town, which I highly recommend to everyone. Ben Affleck is so amazing, I might add. Stan's a cool dude who's from the NZ Army. We've been hanging out, not to mention he bootcamped my arse the other Sunday, leaving me with sore quads, biceps and lats for 2 days.

Today Moïse asked me if he could take me for a ride on his big bike! He rented one of those sports bike to tour Auckland, and I couldn't peel my eyes off it when I saw it. I was dying to ride on it, so when he asked if I'd like to go for a ride I was completely stoked! We rode to Piha, and I felt pretty cool for that 65 minute ride. hehe...I've got plans to buy me one now, when I make my millions next time. Imma get me a motorbike license and buy me a superbike. =)And to cap the night, Abby came by to chill and watch Slumdog Millionaire with me.

Looking back, I think I've had quite a couple of weeks. I'm surfing through the pictures on Facebook and I can't help smiling. It's funny. I think I'm finally having the time of my life here in Aucks. Life is finally looking peachy. =)


theo said...

You look beautiful :)

galnexdor said...

aw thanks Theo. =)