Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday morning.

8.25 am. I'm happily chewing my Vogel's honey crumbed cereal. I got up at about 5 in the morning, hearing the drunken laughter of my flatmates as they stagger home from a night out in town. I'd lain in bed a little longer, just to catch a little more sleep. I drifted in and out of sleep, watching the sun rise in intermittently through my half closed eyelids. At 7.30 am my alarm rang, and I finally got out of bed. On the way to the bathroom, I saw her room door ajar, and she was sleeping, still clothed in her party dress, and in full make up. She heard, and opened her eyes, so I said "Hey, I heard u coming back. How was it?" In reply, she murmured in a slur "wegothomeat5....". I said "Ok, go to sleep, then". And she nodded and fell back to sleep, while I closed her door for her, just smiling to myself. Thank God I had not followed them out last night.

8.32 am. Cereal bowl's empty now. I caught a waft of a fragrance off my sweatshirt. His fragrance. He came over last night. Just to chat and have ice cream with me. I was already in my pyjama pants. It was nice, hanging out as friends. I think he's very nice when he's just a friend. He stayed for about an hour, had 3 scoops of ice cream, then hugged me and left. But his fragrance lingered on. And it was strangely comforting.

8.36 am. I need to cook dinner tonight for the French. I'm cooking chicken curry and chapati. Then, I'm baking chocolate cheesecake for dessert. I know, I rock ;) I need to get more ingredients though.

8.40 am. I commented on a photo of a friend of yours on Facebook. She replied, so I replied her this morning. Then it struck me that it was probably going to show up in your feed, if you do notice it. That made me worry for about a nanosecond. And then I figured you probably wouldn't be the least bit affected. Still, I wonder how you're doing.

8.43 am. I should get off.

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Joanne Khoo said...

Hey babe,

Joanne Khoo here. I decided to hop on your blog. Your blog is still as interesting as ever. It looks like you are making full use of your last semester. Study hard and play hard! Can't wait for the day that you open your own fitness center. I can so definitely envision it =)

Btw, I started a new blog a couple of weeks ago. I decided that my blog with my name in it is too public for my liking. So after much procrastination, here's my new blog.

You can hop on when you have nothing better to do =)

Take care.