Saturday, April 30, 2011

the slightest thing

I could go on without a care
Just living life, sharing laughter,
I could be a completely new person,
Without a history or a past endeavour.

I could ride on motorbikes, as fast as light,
Sip on cocktails or pints of beer,
I could watch movies, have dinner,
And just be with him, have no fear.

I could get skinnier, laugh louder,
Eat more good food, live the life,
Let my hair down, hang loose,
Have fun without having to strive.

But the slightest thing from you,
The teeny tiniest detail,
That had nothing to do with me,
Just your name, on a page,
Or a picture of you,
Is enough to paralyse me,
With memories of once upon a time.

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