Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People you meet along the way.

In life, (this is where I start to sound like I have lived a 100 years), we meet a lot of people along the way. For some of us, this is one of life's simple pleasures, for others, they beg to differ. To me, I've always kinda belonged to the first group. I enjoy meeting new faces, and talking about new things, and building friendships with people I find interesting. I am not a complete Barney the Dinosaur, where I actively go right up to someone and go "Hey! I'm Karen, and you are?" with a big grin plastered on my face. But I generally have no difficulty starting a conversation with a stranger if I felt compelled to.

Which is why I love being a personal trainer so much. I have met and formed some pretty neat friendships with some of my clients over here that I almost never ever dread going to work. And if i did, it was probably due to the fact that I've an assignment due soon or an exam to study for which I know could use the time I am at work, but in all honesty, I'd really much rather be at work than anywhere else in that situation.

So, the point of my extremely long winded and pathetic attempt at being philosophical introduction is, Nancy Hala. Nancy is one of my PT clients. She is one of the nicest, kindest, sweetest ladies I have ever met in my life. Seeing her again every time I come back from my Summer Break is usually the highlight of my being back to work. I started training her when I started working for Configure way back in July 2008. I saw her every week, and when she's not training one-on-one with me, she'd join my Fierce Fit classes, or my circuit classes. When I was training her, we work hard, but we share a lot of things with each other too. And I've seen her progress over the years. I've seen her shed the weight she wanted to lose, and saw the new clothes she bought for herself, and now she just looks amazing! She's basically glowing every time I see her now, it's so rewarding for me =)
This was back in 2008. When I get a picture with her now I will put it up.

And I just found out today, that she is moving to Australia. She's moving in June, because of a new job. And even though I am also leaving for good after her, just the thought of how our chapter is coming to an end kinda saddens me. I am very very pleased to have met Nancy. :) Definitely one of those I will truly miss when we bid farewell.

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