Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's so easy to forget I'm a student

I have been having a lot of fun these days in Auckland. I really let myself go out and hang loose these days, which is both thrilling and worrying.

I swear it is so easy to forget I am a student. I have been doing like 40 hour weeks at uni, and that is excluding the reports, assignments, readings, and exams I have to do outside of class times. Plus I still work. Plus I have a much more interesting social life this year. So once again I am gonna say, I really do not have enough hours in a day!

But since I am already procrastinating as I am typing this right now, let me just recount my weekend.

I worked on Saturday, like I do every Saturday. I took a spin class with one of my own compilations. Erin and Elise tried it out for 20 minutes, then they had to go, but they said they liked it! I have regular participants in my spin classes now, which is extremely motivating. I feel sooooo good being at the front of the studio, looking at my members busting their butts off. :D

At night I decided to join my flatmates for a night out in town! I don't usually do this. And you all know about me and night time joints in town. We don't go very well. But I've been a lot more open to a lot more things since I've been back here, adopting the whole this-is-my-last-few-months-in-new-zealand spirit. (once again, I don't know whether that's a good thing or not). So I drove the girls out to O'Hagans, an Irish pub on the Viaduct. And you know what I completely enjoyed myself. I think live classic rock + no smoke + older age group (late 20s, early 30s) + awesome beer makes going out uber fun. Malaysia should definitely start banning smoking in bars.We went into 2 Irish pubs last night, and I met some pretty interesting people. I met a gorgeous Argentinian man, who spoke very enchanting Spanish. haha...and I met a nice Kiwi bloke who gave me a bouquet of plastic roses. And I met a funny Irish man who became kinda creepy when he came to close to me. But yeah, I danced very freely, in my jeans and jersey, and flat shoes. I sang along to all the songs because I knew every word of it, and I danced! =) Really, Malaysia should also start having more live music bars. With no smoke. And good beer.

When we wanted to go back to the car, one of my friends somehow chatted up one of these Night Riders (they cycle a rickshaw to bring u to your car/apartment in the city) and got him to take us all to my car. That crazy bunny (He had bunny ears) didn't want to bring us all the way to my car, but stopped us midway. I made him get off the bike, where I took over and rode all of us a block down to my car. HAHA, that was my moment of the night, I reckon. Then I drove my 2 very drunk flatmates home at close to 2 am. It was hilarious! I think watching drunk people are quite funny. =)I woke up at 7 am this morning, feeling buzzed and ready to go. So I ran down to Waiatarua Reserve and ran illegally in the 1st Run Auckland race. I did a pretty good time too! I think from now on I will have beer the night before any race. Preferably Belgian/Irish beer. =)

And I had brunch with some friends after the run. Which was really good too.

So yes, life has been pretty blissful. Save the fact that I now have to take on 2 lab reports and review some Math lectures. *boo*

Owell. 8 more weeks of class. 2 more weeks of exams. Yes, I can!

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