Monday, March 21, 2011


I need to seriously restructure my life over here. I'm going crazy. I'm exhausted. 5 subjects? No joke. 5 subjects + last 4 months in NZ + new found interest = not enough waking hours in a day.

It's week #4 for the semester. And for once in my 2.8 years of studying in Auckland, I am going to say, Holy cow, time is moving fast! I am already spiralling out of control, and I know it. I realise it. It's time to sit down, reorganize, restructure and re-prioritise. I need to. My graduation depends on it.

I am gonna have to start allocating time for school, time for self study, time for work, time for eating right, time for working out, time for hanging lose with my friends, and time for aforementioned new found interest. That already sounds virtually impossible. Man, what's a girl got to do to have a little fun these days? Studying life, beckoning assignment deadlines and readings, I am so done with you.

I wish I have a day that I can dedicate to each aspect of my life. Like Monday is for school. Tuesday is self study. Wednesday is for pigging out. Thursday is date night. Friday is for friends. Saturday is for work. Sunday is for exercising. Even then I need to find one more day for just bumming around my room watching tv series and listening to music. Oh and when it comes to friends! I have too many groups of friends. I need more days for that. And only 1 date night a week? hmm...i could do with more actually. heh.


Breathe, Karen.

I can do this. Just reorganize.

Discipline has eluded me for 24 years and 10 months of my life. Oh God, give me discipline now, and please make it stay. Just make it stay for 3 more months.

Thank you.

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