Friday, March 25, 2011

semana cuatro terminado.

Done with 4 weeks of uni now. Seriously, time is sprinting away in a flash. I've more or less gotten myself a little more into the rhythm of things, adjusting my body to less feeding times in a day, and no afternoon naps. I've started to sleep earlier at night so I wake up as refreshed as possible to last me through the day.

I haven't had time to run much, only managing about 2 a week, which is pathetic. But with the hectic schedule I've managed to lose 3 kilos since I left Malaysia about 5 weeks ago. That's pretty amazing. If I say I'm not happy about it, I'd be lying :D It feels good to see the lines defining my abs once again. heh.

Just a couple of random stuffs. My trusty Timex Watch broke yesterday, to my heart's disappointment. I almost gasped in shock when my watch just fell to the ground out of the blue. I had no idea it was breaking at all. And it was just silly timing because just last weekend I was at a warehouse clearance and they were selling Timex IM watches for $59. But then I kept thinking just 6 months ago I had the battery changed for $45 (because it had to be pressure tested) and so I figured this watch would last me another year or so. Owell. Time for a new one, me thinks! :)

And so I subscribe to a few deal/voucher sites which sends me deals every day in my inbox. I'm glad I dont have compulsive impulses to buy everything, but I do find a number of awesome deals and score some really good stuff sometimes. The other day 1-day was having their $11 Bag of Crap day, whereby you pay $11 for a surprise something that will cost at least $11. And I got a Swiss Ball!! I was very pleased with what I got. :D Now I can make my flatmates exercise at home! haha...
2 more weeks and it'll be mid term break. That's really soon. Then after that I have 6 weeks left of academics. And then 2 weeks of exams. And then a whole lotta FUN with Lyn and Rosie!!

I have 106 days before I go home for good. I'm SO excited!

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