Friday, March 18, 2011

Mama mia.

I decided to have lunch with a friend today because I had some free time in the morning. But the weather wasn't looking too cheery today, so we had chicken teriyaki don buri takeaways and we just spent the day indoors. =)

Then I had to walk back to uni for my class, and on my way, a man walking beside me kept looking at me. And I had my iPod on, but he said something to me, so I had to take my earphones off to ask him what he said. And, in an Italian accent, he said "I said, you have very beautiful eyes" and he smiles. We chatted for a while as we walked (I really really dig their expressions when I tell people I study Sport Science, it's absolutely classic), and he asked me to join him for a cup of coffee, but I had to go to class, and though Marco (that was his name) seemed nice enough, I guess I'm not that outgoing, haha.

And it's all extremely random, I know, but I guess I've just been heaps happier of late. And maybe it shows in my eyes, my smile, my appearance, my aura. And good things happen to happy people, me thinks.


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