Monday, August 22, 2005

shopping lists

short term shopping list @ things i need to buy:

contact lense solution (~RM35)
shampoo (~RM20)
liquid paper (~RM5)

long term shopping list @ things i want to buy:

stomp ticket (RM77) <---this transaction will most probably be carried out next month
dance shoes (RM189)
Nike short running tights (RM89.90)
Nike lime green sports bra (RM89.90)
new bike seat (~RM60)

i need to start managing my finances. i'm obviously pretty high maintenance. and i love to eat. so foods and drinks take up majority of my money. as it is, i'm quite broke. and as much as i'd like to take on a prt time job NOW, my mum wouldn't allow it. so, i look forward to the end of November, when hopefully i will take the first stepping stone into my fitness career. :)

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