Saturday, August 27, 2005


say it! tell me i'm bein vain!! hahaha

the idea hit me this afternoon to paste my big fat face on my blog's background...praises and critics are welcomed with arms wide opened. :)

i think today marks the funnest day in metro. Merdeka Day was celebrated today at college level. i performed the traditional chinese fan dance that i told u guys about and it turned out fantastically well. apart from the fact that i was ever conscious about my short cheongsam riding up my thighs when i lift my hands up, and that my heels were shivering from the stillettos i was wearing. hehe...but i had fun...mainly because aside from just Shakti i was able to spot more friends in the crowd. yup, my network of friends in metro has widenned! hahaha and we snapped pictures here and there...i'll post them up once they mail them to me. my camera's still under repair.

5 usaha '03 had our dinner get together again. Kenny came this time! haha how many donkey years have passed since i last saw him! we had dinner at Ton Chan in The Curve. No, it's not Chinese. it's Japanese. after that we adjourned to Murni's where we met like Beatrice, Hooi Lian and gang. And halfway thru Lyn showed up with Jin Aun. hehe everyone mamaks in Murni's!

Navin and Kenny were treated to Russel Peters after that at my house!

so yeaa...that made up my Friday....hehe....:)

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