Monday, August 01, 2005


finally got my first half of my pictures from my cousin. this batch features a lot of my cousins and i. places we visited includes Mount Buller and Phillip's Island. :)

i went to see dear Lyn today. gave her the souvenirs i got her from Melbourne and in return, i got a bracelet from Redang. haha yay~! :) her Redang trip seemed so fun! like all other trips-with-boyfriends do. *jealousss* and as always, i get treated to her Por Por's special treats. this time around it was chicken rice balls and soya bean agar-agar with longan. MmmmMmMmmm.....:)

i went out with 3 guys just now. my mum thinks i have too many guy friends. she must be wondering why i haven't found a boyfriend yet. haha...anyway was out with Puvesh, Daniel and Han Yang. and they're quite funny la. 2 of them seem to have found a special someone. i'm telling you, the world is in love. but like Anne says, it's nice to see people in love. especially your friends. it's nice seeing them go all shy n quiet when a phonecall comes in. and watching the way they change their expressions to subtle embarrasment. and the way they hush their voices down a notch, but try their best not to be too obvious. it's so sweet.

it's almost funny, the way we've reached another part of life. just a couple of years back our mamak sessions were filled with "where u studying now?" questions. and now, they're more of "so who's the new dish?" kinda thing. nect thing we know it'll be "which company are you working for?" together with the exchange of business cards. and before we know it, we'll be receiving wedding invitations. woohoo~!

20122012. that's the date that Ven Nee and Pei Jien and yours truly, are supposed to meet up again. 3 years ago, when we made that pact, our vision of the day would be like this. chronologically, it'll be the passing of comments on looks and stuff. then it'll be questions on jobs. and somehow i think it'll be Pei Jien passing out wedding invitations to the both of us. and i, hopefully, would be inviting these gurls to the launching of my new gym. and Ven Nee would probably be someone highly successful, where her cellphone rings of its hook. i can't wait...:)

college officially starts tomorrow. first class? Business Communications 101. Lecture.

just 4 more months....:)

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