Monday, August 22, 2005

back on broadband~!

u have no idea the hell my new pc has put me through. Gawd~!!! from a late delivery, to a missing network card, to a non-functioning windows, to an undetectable network card and now to unaccessible file transfers and downloads. WHY!?

someone up there must be punishing me for whatever reason put him/her up there. grrr....

my weekend seemed to have zoomed past in a wink of an eye. i'm back to being busy i guess. can't say i don't miss it. used to have a hectic schedule during school days and even in Taylor's. But ever since i got enrolled in Metro it's like i had too much free time. i enjoyed being preoccupied. it takes my mind off things...

i'm performing for Merdeka day in Metro this coming Friday. i'm dancing...get this...a chinese traditional fan dance! hahaha...i don't know how i got into it. i had practise on sat morning. the dance is slow. and i actually think it's really tiring to move with such grace. it takes such effort to glide along and twirl my wrists. but it's fun anyhows. just fyi, i'm trying to make my college life revolve around a little more than just going to classes. it's too mundane. i need co-curricular activities. i lived by them throughout school!

on friday night was Curtin orientation night. i missed it last sem, so Shakti and i made sure we went this sem. it started out lookin a bit sad coz there weren't many people. but then the crowd built up. it was fun. i would admit it. i never knew orientations could actually succeed in getting people to know one another. i guess it could! i met a lot of people, though most of them are chinese ed. 3 guys asked for my number at the end of the day. haha just a friendly gesture might i add. The first, i failed to give coz both of us weren't having our phones with us at that moment and the final game was up. the 2nd somehow has this impression i club just coz i was bobbing up and down to the music they were playing. He was like "next time i go clubbing i call u ar??" haha...sorry mister, i don't club...but we exchanged numbers anyway. and the 3rd was someone who has loads to tell, pretty interesting fella. we went for a drink after the orientation, with the other CSO (curtin student organization) members, myself and Shakti. and we found out that ths 3rd guy is in his late 20s, and has worked in several places including Dragonfly the tattoo parlour in 1U. haha he promised me a discount if i went there. IF i went there...:)

the only athletic one is guy no. 1. he's some black belt taekwondo fella. but he's like my height? haha

on another occassion, the lady-with-nice-running-outfits t the lake called me up. no idea where she got my number. but she asked me join her for the AXN Challenge. i somehow find that so surprising. she's a great runner. her boyfriend/husband/partner is the guy-who-runs-with-one-arm-bent. they both got 3rd in the Genting Trailblazer Wild Category. and yours truly is wanted on her team?? well, it was because one of her teammates fell and twisted her ankle but still!! hahaha i feel so proud. but i refused anyway. coz i'm on the media team and running for free with 2 guys i barely know is better than running for rm135 with 2 super fit ladies. erm...ok that sounded strangely weird. i do know one of the guys la....:)

so that's about all the updates i can offer. it's senseless ramblings but cut me some slack k...i have nothing else to write about...

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