Friday, August 05, 2005


i wrote a poem today about you again. but after reading it through i figured i should keep it to myself. :) it shall remain unsent for now...

i'd like to share something with everyone, if you will. I got this from a friend of mine. i think it's really really good. Enjoy! :)

I am born with two perfect ears,
So sharp they are for many years,
I knew music, I knew chimes,
I learnt songs that perfectly rhymes.

Eighteen years of beautiful sounds,
Its my soul that they have found,
I crave to sing, I crave to speak,
Listen to me, my voice ain't weak.

The voices of people I love to hear,
They always coax me out of fear,
Especially those who are dear to me,
They use their words to make me glee.

Please, God, don't be cruel to me,
Being deaf is like not able to see,
What could possibly be more scary,
Than the feeling of uncertainty?

-Yvonne Foong-

If you think u need some inspiration in life, head on over to her site. It made my day today. :)

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