Thursday, August 18, 2005


how many papercuts can one get in one day? three. and all on the same hand too! i got one on my 4th finger, one on my palm and one on my elbow. All on my left hand...i think Weng Lum's NS ordeal is taunting me to self abuse as well...unconsciously.

i wasn't planning to blog for the 2nd time today. i was planning to sleep early, and rise early for a good morning run. but check out the time. no running for me. i won't be able to survive 2 lectures if i did.

kenneth khaw was enlightenning me with his law of the post-teenage life cycle. It was a long complicated discussion but i'll spare u the headache and give u a summary.
1. only applies to post-teens i.e. aged 20 and above. and yes i am yet to qualify for this law...
2. girls have a harder time than guys now coz girls are pressured to find their suitors. as for guys, they have more time to wait around.
3. reason being, girls age faster.
4. a guy can afford to wait around and then get a girl who's like years younger than him.
so, mr. khaw ken min, correct me if i'm wrong but are these what you were trying to stress on??

also, in addition to that i have calculated that i have approximately 2 years to search for the right one, go through trial and error, and finally settle on my husband to be. by when, we would start dating for 5 years. and we'll get married when i'm 26. and we'll have daughters named Gaia and Katia.

haha ok the last part i added on myself.

here's what i've been doing to my mp3s lately...

penny and compares to the way you don't know girl...aha! stop and listen....

i have waaaaaaaaay too many emo songs. i need more hiphop and RnB. my life is dull. i need more colour...more spunk! i just downloaded 2 Ciara songs and the Pussycat Dolls. Now that's more like it. i really need to get a life....

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