Wednesday, August 17, 2005

* evolution of moi *

i'm bored. class starts in 15 minutes. 15 minutes in metropolitan college is a long time. trust me. especially when you're alone. so i should just blog while the idea still lingers in my mind.

Marketing 100 lecture today was interesting. Today's chapter was Consumer Behaviour. Lovely. There was this part where we study the age and lifestyles of consumers that affect their buying behaviour. So Juliana asked us to recall back to the days when we were younger. What was our lifestyle and habits like, and then ask us to think of how much all that have changed throughout the years. It got me thinking, so here's the Evolution of Karen Siah.

At age 3-5
Favourite outfit includes doll dresses (the ones with strigs to tie to the back) and shinny buckle shoes which i specifically noted as kick-kock shoes.
Favourite past time was to go swimming. By swimming i meant splatter about in the water doing my dog style.

At age 11-13
Favourite outfit was denim. Anything from jeans to skirts to vests to blouses. As long as it was denim.
Favourite past time was to climb trees, play catching, hide and seeking, and talk on the phone.

At age 17-19
Favourite outfit was and still is jeans and baby tees. Recently a couple of skirts.
Favourite past time includes running, dancing, blogging, writing poems, hanging out with friends, shopping, ogling at hunks, listening to friends' romantic stories, fiddling with my pc, watching One Tree Hill, eating.

and that took me 10 minutes. told u time crawls in Metro. i'll be a good metro-ian and go to class early. chowz!

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