Monday, August 01, 2005


i've reached a dead end
nothing else about u seem to matter
i've thought things over a thousand times
every little thing there is to ponder

nothing else seem to make sense
i'm not bothered to make sure they do
nothing else seem more important
than the fact that you're still you

i could not possibly ask myself
another darn question about you
i've grown so helpless in finding answers
i've grown so tired of seeking out what's true

i've grown so sick of the why's and what if's
and all the trips down memory lane
what's the point in travelling back to now
bearing more heartache and pain

i am uncertain and confused
but yet never more decisive
i am forlorn and shaken
yet never more assertive

all the doubts and worries
i have decided to break free
as my heart never seemed more set
nothing seems to want to change in me

and i guess that it shouldn't really matter
as much as it hurts to ignore
i'm living my life for the now
rather than what happened before

i am unsure of what lies ahead
i am oblivious to what both of us have become
i am more than done with bygones
and it doesn't matter
doesn't matter at all
my heart is set...

they say when someone stares at you hard enough from behind, you can feel it on your back...

i wonder if someone thinks of you long enough, you can feel it in your heart...

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