Saturday, August 06, 2005

i thought of you today

within a time frame of a minute
i'd relive a moment in my life
i'd go to a time that i hold dearly
as i flipped through my mental archive

i'd recall the way you were
i'd recall the way i felt
i'd recall things i wished i said
i'd recall things i wished i dealt

i'd just blank out for a moment
as emotions start to conquer me
i'd stare into space for a fraction of time
and absorb as i replay the memory

a minute is all i give myself
as a smile creeps up for display
bearing in mind as i go on with life
that i had thought of you today...

pathetic jiwangness aside, i went to times square today to do a photoshoot. i remembered why i disliked make up so much.
1. it felt like i had cake on my face.
2. i did not look like me.

the photos seemed ok though. yet to be photoshoped. will get to see the end results on monday.

i went to Villa just now. It's so great to see all those fellow gymnasts again. I'd give anything to go back and train in that stuffy, oxygenless, badminton court on friday nights. and of course, to get my flexibility back. Amelia's dad said i slimmed down and i've grown prettier! woohoo~! haha then again he says that all the time. He even asked if i have a boyfriend yet. to which i regretfully said no. haha sometimes, i think he's just teasing us girls. he definitely has the look. haha...

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